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Default Re: my new campaign ideas

  1. GURPS Supers. The theme of changing the world is interesting to me, and I'd be interested in playing something with a Stark-like level of impact on the world. Causing a divergent tech path some time after WWII would be the thing I'd hope my character to achieve.
  2. GURPS Mars. It sounds vaguely interesting just for the novelty factor (inhabited mars in XIX).
  3. GURPS Space / Pavonis Portal. Don't remember the setting too well, but on first read of the pitch, it sounds playable. Depending on themes.

I'm currently playing in a Mage the Ascension campaign (ruleset from Revised Edition, but playing in the 1920s, so the setting is in its pre-1e state). And my impression is that nostalgia ain't what it used to be, and that my memories of loving MtA are overstated. So I'm disinclined to want to play MtA at this point, especially in almost the same time period. Be warned though, that I realize that different GMs are different and that my impressions from playing in your campaigns (hypothetically!) would be different; I'm just sharing my current stance towards the idea of playing MtA.

On Sorcerer: On one hand, I like the theme of mutual trust and reconciliation (and it's one of the things which attracted me to MtA), but I think that 'tech breaking down' is a misrepresentation of the paradigm that the actual traditionalists are pushing towards. The modern mage isn't someone who disbelieves phones and airplanes. A modern mage is someone who believes that both phones and moxa burning are effective. And even if people in general will begin believing in magic, they won't suddenly stop believing in jets. So I think that the state of affairs you offered is a misunderstanding (or misrepresentation) of the mages' victory condition (perhaps one popularized by the Technocracy!).
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