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Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
How's this?

Making It Up (Writing or Public Speaking). Average, default prerequisite, cannot exceed skill for the subject area +2. This lets you buy up skill in inventing a convincing and superficially truthful narrative. It is limited by your skill in the subject area. For example, when making up a narrative about an occult subject, if you have Making It Up (Writing) at 13 and Occultism at 10, you effective skill is limited to Occultism+2, or 12.

This is mostly useful for creating fiction, or for convincing people who don't know much about a subject and can't test your assertions. Some people who use it don't understand the difference between making stuff up and actual research, so it is more popular in fields that aren't subject to testing. When applied to modern sciences, it usually produces pseudo-science.
It would be really nasty to spring this on the PCs in a Horror game if they don't do due diligence when determining which expert to hire. Could also be quite interesting.

For a different kind of Horror, someone with this skill could also have a reality-altering power of some sort, or be connected to a being with that ability.
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