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Default my new campaign ideas

Having run a short introductory campaign and found a local group of interested players, I've reached the point of putting together a list of ideas for a longer-term campaign. So here it is, for your entertainment, I hope:

Please rank the following ideas from 1 for for your first choice on down. If there are any you have no desire to play in, please put an X by them.

___ GURPS Mars [4th edition GURPS]: Carry on with the current campaign. Setting: An inhabited Mars in the nineteenth century, which people from Earth have begun to visit. Theme: Exploration and discovery. Characters: Ordinary human beings who have travelled to Mars in search of knowledge, wealth, or strange experiences.

___ GURPS Space [4th edition GURPS]: A campaign about frontier life. Setting: Pavonis Portal, a colony of the Brazilian Empire on Mars, and the ground terminus of the orbital elevator on Mars in the twenty-fourth century. Theme: To be chosen by the players. Characters: Residents of Pavonis Portal, often but not always of Brazilian descent.

___ GURPS Supers [4th edition GURPS]: A campaign about people with superhuman abilities. Setting: The United States in the years right after World War II, in a world where people with special abilities have been around since the 1800s. Theme: Changing the world. Characters: Human (or other) beings with extraordinary abilities trying to find or make a place in a postwar world where they or others like them played a major role in the war. Power level to be decided by the players: streetlevel, classic, or major military asset.

___ Mage: The Ascension [2nd edition]: A campaign about secret magic in the modern world. Setting: London in the years before World War I. Theme: The conflict between science and wonder. Characters: Students of magic who have awakened to the true nature of reality—and the struggle to control it.

___ Sorcerer (part of the World of Darkness): A campaign about the slow failure of civilization. Setting: A college town in the Midwest in the mid-21st century, in a world where technology is breaking down and magic is reawakening. Theme: Survival and mutual trust in the face of the unknown. Characters: Small town people with useful knowledge and skills. A minimal level of magical arts will be an option.

(You'll note that a couple of these come from GURPS material I've published: the space campaign from City Stats and the supers one from my latest Pyramid article.)
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