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Default Re: I was hoping for this

Brilliant! Be careful what you wish for... ;-)

I love the early looks at this, but it makes me wonder if there will be other themes for the maps available. For example, the current G1 that's displayed has a bit of a drab feeling to it (I get the sense it's suffering from the same "not finished because we are testing" the units have); is that the only color you are planning on, or will we be able to re-skin the maps ("classic" 1970s line art, 80s bright colors, custom)?

What are the minimum system requirements to play the game (comfortably)?

Will there be a minimalist straight boardgame view for those with limited hardware?

Any further talks on a Mac/Linux port?

You mentioned this specific thread as a place for questions, but are you talking about the sub-thread as a whole for new topics to be started? I assume that's the intention, otherwise this specific one "I was hoping for this" is going to get pretty crowded. Maybe if you wanted to organize a bit with a handful of "Official" Topics to guide folks, that would be helpful?

Feel free to hack up this post and move questions to topics as appropriate :-)

This can't come soon enough; thanks for taking this on. :-)
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