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Default Re: [House Rules] Technique System Overhaul

Originally Posted by Maz View Post
I mentioned the same problem...

But. dfinlay does mention two things that is a solution to this.

1) He charges TP differently depending on the technique. So some would cost 3 per +1, others only 1 TP per +1. So you could charge more for the techniques we feel are powerful, such as Feint.
The problem you mention is a valid one: technique points are free in the TP system as written, which means powerful combat freebies (or whatever freebies the players choose). Then there's the related problem D Cole mentions: freebie points mean more things that you have to take care of.

The problem I mentioned is a bit different (and unrelated to the matter of over-priced vs under-priced techniques). It's this: IMO, the cost of multiple techniques needs to be cheaper, but the per-level cost of a technique does not need to be cheaper.

So that's my little objection to any suggestion for free technique points, or an all-round cheaper cost for techniques: those solutions make it cheaper to buy more techniques, which is good, but also make it cheaper to buy higher levels of techniques, which is not good (IMO).

Not sure whether I make the point clearly or not...
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