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Default Re: Battlefields Kickstarter possible Stretch?

Originally Posted by sparky00 View Post

The Icepick map looks interesting. How did you print it? Did you print directly from Ogremap2? what DPI? Are you Happy with how it came out? If you did it again, would you have it fold?

Think I might like to give this a try.
I saved the image from OgreMap2 at the DE scale, added the "OGREMAP 2.0" watermark in an image editor (PhotoImpact Pro ver 13), and printed it from that as a "poster" to my inkjet printer. NOTE: I saved the image at 65% saturation, so as not to get soggy paper when I finally printed it.

You can print straight from OgreMap, but sometimes it's not as efficient (i.e. has too much overlap or adds in blank pages.) Also, be sure to view the image in the scale you wish to print (Classic or DE) before you print.

In landscape orientation it came out 4 columns by 5 rows, though the last column only had 1 hex in it. I think it's a 96 DPI image, so it's not super crisp. OgreMap uses this lower resolution so as not to compete with anything officially published.

I used one of the trifold Foam Display Boards from Staples, like you see at science fairs, trimmed each map sheet, and stuck them to the board with glue stick. A strip of duct tape along the back keeps the board from folding. It's easier for me to store if it's flat and rigid. I can put it behind a book case or just against the wall. As a bonus, it can hang off the edge of a table without bending. Handy with DE scale boards.

I've also done DE scale maps for Iron Mountain, Dogpile, and Excercise K. An image editor lets you add starting locations and other notations.

I am pleased with how it turned out, but laminating something that big can be tricky. Inkjet ink isn't waterproof, but laminated it should last forever, for realistically small values of forever.

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