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Default Re: Mind Control and Body Control Spells vs Elder Things in DF

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post

Note that the Magic Resistance of Elder Things does still apply, so using these spells on them is still difficult.
Yep. The laws of magic break around Elder Things summoned from Outside Time And Space, so MR 5-10 is common. It isn't universal – lesser Elder Things trapped permanently in the material world commonly lack it. (And on a more meta level, some Elder Things have such high HT and Will, or so many specific immunities, that we left off MR as excessive.)

Originally Posted by lachimba View Post

And how about Faeries?
These are living beings with minds and bodies. What makes them special is that they are intrinsically magical living beings, not that they're nonsapient, insubstantial, not alive, etc.
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