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I'm sorry to hear that it bothered you. Let me ask something -- did you catch that it was a reference to the popular meme, "The Cake is a Lie!"? Because, as you mention, the text itself isn't really anti-sandbox in any way, and I'm quite certain that Christopher didn't mean that title to come across as anything other than a joking reference to something prevalent in geek culture.
I wasn't aware of the meme until I came on the forums because I finally had time to read the issue (moving into a new house is really a pain in the ass...). I still disagree with the premise of the article but it is preferable to railroading. I would spot a GM forcing me by giving me the illusion of choice and my players would.

When a GM runs a sandbox campaign he isn't creating content he may never use or at least I don't. I have a whole filing box full of content I've created and used and even reused as the sandbox grows. Players decide to go dungeon romping? I've got them covered. Players decide to stay in town? I've got binders full of NPCs to use. I create this content and use it and repurpose it as campaigns go on.

The solo adventure was fantastic! It brought me back to being a kid when I used to read those choose your own adventure stories. Must have been a huge thing for you guys to write and it was pretty cool. I'm going to print my copy out and share it with my players so they can barrow it and go through it.

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