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Default Re: Pyramid #3/104: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Originally Posted by joncarryer View Post
Birthday today, and Pyramid has given me a wonderful birthday present, of sitting here working my way through the solo adventure with my seven-y-o daughter. Haven't finished yet, but it was a special moment hearing her run upstairs at bed-time yelling "Mummy, we just defeated two swords, that were flying through the air by MAGIC!!!!!!"
I had a similar experience last week on a cross-country road trip. I gave my son, 8, a clipboard with the character sheet on it. I gave my daughter, 5, my phone with a dice rolling program configured for GURPS dice. Then I "ran" the adventure from up front (not driving!).

They had an absolute blast, especially working out the riddle (with a few hints to point them in the right direction). They were so disappointed that there wasn't a sequel that they set about composing their own "solo" adventure for the return trip. It opened with my overconfident character falling upward into a cloud dungeon with ten doors. Many of the doors were quite familiar, but they did innovate—when I defeated the flying sword (just one this time), it followed me around and fought beside me. This was very helpful, because I also had to face a dragon and ten aggressive flying puffballs.

They are both eager for more dungeon fantasy and loved the GURPS system. I'm thrilled that this great intro exists!
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