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Default Re: Streamlined EWPs ( & non Jet Fighter Drop Tanks ) Official Ruling ?

The description in Aeroduel notes that the "body tanks are streamlined to match the jet's streamlining."

The writing is a bit screwy in the reference to "body" tanks (rather than drop tanks) and given it's placement in the paragraph about the special drop tanks, it might apply to only the jet ones.

But, there isn't anything noting that the external tanks reduce top speed. They are mounted in the area used by EWPs, but it doesn't actually say that they are EWPs. So the regular rules for EWPs wouldn't apply - just that you can't use an EWP where you have a tank. So a plane with drop tanks wouldn't incur the speed penalty that EWPs do.

And by that rationale, it would make sense that the streamlining passage would apply to all drop tanks. (Because if there is no speed penalty, there is no reason to streamline them.)

Just my opinion, but my take is that there isn't any specific streamlining to be added (or needed) for drop tanks. And that if you applied streamlining to the plane, it would apply to the drop tanks as well at no additional penalty/cost.

Also, it was ADQ 7/3 that had the question regarding streamlining EWPs.
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