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Default Streamlined EWPs ( & non Jet Fighter Drop Tanks ) Official Ruling ?

I THINK the ADQ&A question if EWPs can be Streamlined was answered & made Official in ADQ 6/3 ( my copy was stolen ) ? Basically -1 Space +50% Cost like Vehicles works extremely well .

Streamlined Dropped Tanks for Aircraft where never really mentioned - apart from those for Small & Large Jet Fighters - unless I missed it in an issue of Pyramid or online errata ?

We've played it that for a given size of Tank to be Streamlined , they lose 10% of the Galleons ( rounded up ) & like normal Drop Tanks can be twice the size in galleons/spaces as size of EWP that aircraft can carry .

Example a Small Microplane can use 1-Space EWP & thus can carry 2 Space Drop Tanks - 25 Galleon Tank . It can use Streamlined Drop Tanks up to 22 Galleons ( 25 - 2.5 Spaces rounded up ) , which would weigh the same as 25 Galleon Tank of same construction & cost +50% of the price of a 25 Galleon one .
Auxiliary Fuel Tanks on ground Vehicles would work the same , apart from those mounted back only which don't affect Top Speed anyway .

Does that sound about right ? If no official rulings exist , we would like some feedback if this could be done differently before end of the month : we've a big Campaign set for August , and it will be useful to resolve it before then .

Any input most welcome & thanks :-)

( One side note , Large Jet Fighter Tanks are incorrectly stated to weigh 2,500lbs in Aeroduel & UACFH - THIS IS INCORRECT ! They are 1,500lbs , which makes sense as Small Jet Tank is 750lbs & is half the size . Also it's logical as Tanks are of Racing Tank construction : 5lbs weight per Galleon capacity : thus Small Jet Tank 150 Gallons = the stated 750lbs empty . Large Jet Tank at 300 Gallons capacity must then equal 1,500lbs weight empty ? We suspect another typo by a Certain Someone that ended up being missed ... )
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