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Default Re: Shields, explosions, area effects, cones and large area attacks

This seems straightforward. You need a ready shield, or take a ready maneuver with an unready one. You need a shield large enough to provide cover -- probably a large shield, maybe a medium (depending on your size). Then you change posture, to kneeling. At that point you are behind cover, which works against even a cone attack. The only game mechanic issue is whether the size of the shield will provide you cover. A roman shield is large, and clearly works. A medium shield, well...maybe. Either way, this a Step And sort of thing.

Edit: Also, the Barricade Tactics perk in Tactical Shooting allows one to get one-step additional cover. It might be a good Perk for campaigns where hiding behind shields is common. So then with a perk the medium shield acts as a large shield.
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