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So the scattered little beasts can show up at any time, but they are a totally different scale of threat. The reason for the monster spawn waves at all, in fact, is to eliminate organized response.
I think eliminating organized response is synonymous with humans go extinct. Humans have organized to deal with challenges they can't individually since before they diverged from chimpanzees.

I know, I know, it's a perpetual problem for games and stories - we want the story resolution to be about heroes, not better logistical management checklists. But it's a tricky to hit a level that allows suspension of disbelief. For something where the existence and nature of the problem is obvious to everyone - and it doesn't get more obvious than waves of invading monsters are trying to kill us - it's essentially always unrealistic and requires some of that willing suspension.

I thought it was a big weakness of War Against the Cthorr, to cite a GURPS 3e license that deals with a similar theme. Lately these things are often allegory on climate change, but the analogy falls apart when the threat is totally obvious and universally bad.
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