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Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
Alternately, you could have it happen less often. Move the first event back a week to June 23 1998 and have it recur on the first new moon after each solstice or equinox. Lots of people die on that first day, it doesn't happen again until October, which as a surprise recurrence also kills a lot of people, thereafter the survivors see the pattern, and can spend 3 months stockpiling ammunition and the like for each attack. With more reasonable preparation (and injury recovery!) time like that, the annual death rate may be low enough for population replacement to keep up.

As a bonus, it becomes possible to actually *use* this world-line for something in an IW game - i.e. I can set an adventure there using the recurrence date as a deadline, and reasonably run a missions there that will last more than one or two days.
Good points, all. I'd rather have constant vigilance be the primary theme of the world, but I also agree that nightly swarms is out of the question.

How about the appearances are quarterly, but the monsters don't vanish with the dawn (aside from, perhaps, the largest bosses, which are naturally different matter than the small and medium-size critters.)

So the scattered little beasts can show up at any time, but they are a totally different scale of threat. The reason for the monster spawn waves at all, in fact, is to eliminate organized response.

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