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I'd hope that something being sold at Toys'r'us would be fairly reliable but then again it's meant to be for kids.
This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions in general, but just because it is sold at a toy store does not equate all items being sold there as "for kids". They do sell console games of all types, including those meant for adults - M rated games that are designed for a "mature" audience. I certainly would pause if someone told me that Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row must be appropriate for kids just because Toys R Us sold them.

Despite the incredible evolution of 3d printers and ease of use in just the last 4 years, these are not simple machines with foolproof and easy to use tools, and I would be very impressed with anyone who had never touched a CAD program before to create a moderately detailed object that printed out fine on the first try.

Taking account just the resolution of consumer priced printers alone, it would look very disappointing to someone who would think that they could get detailed miniatures printed out that look as good as the molded miniatures.
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