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Default Re: New Technique of the Week: an ongoing thread

Many existing techniques simply buy off situational penalties. Judging which ones need to be Hard for game balance reasons, or can't buy off the whole penalty can take some care: ones where you only get one try tend to be both, at least by analogy with combat skill techniques like Targeted Attack. The Technique Mastery perk is useful for overcoming such limitations. However, some games limit the number of perks you can have.

Complex Bullets (Armoury). Average, cannot exceed Armoury. This lets you buy off the penalties for Jacketed Bullet (Armoury-1), Jacketed Silver Bullet (Armoury-3), and APHC Bullet (Armoury-2), among others. For more details, see High-Tech p174, "Handloading and Reloading."

<location> (Fast-draw (weapon type)). Average, cannot exceed Fast-draw skill. This allows you to buy off the penalty for Fast-drawing a weapon from an odd position, see Tactical Shooting, p42.

<Specific person> (Mimicry (Speech)). Average, cannot exceed Mimicry (Speech) This allows you to buy off the -3 penalty to imitate a specific person's voice.

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