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I poke my head into this forum every few weeks. Hello!

I took a break from running In Nomine for a long while to play a bunch of other games and learn about other systems, hoping I'd come up with my own personal "In Nomine 2nd Edition." Tinkered with a bunch, but haven't come up with anything usable beyond tiny hacks of wee games that handle the game well for one-shots, but not really for advancement.

I also ran about a year of Urban Shadows as-written, though, and was really impressed with how elegantly it handled some things I think In Nomine was going for but kind of missed, like forcing you to get into the muck with disparate factions, and making corruption actually extremely tempting. Make up a few different angel/demon playbooks with dissonance conditions as corruption triggers (and a note that you just change playbooks when an angel's corruption meter fills up), change the factions to heaven/hell/mortal/ethereal, and you have a pretty workable In Nomine game. I'd miss the d666 interventions, though. :)
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