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Default Re: Private Game for Jericho Group - Zombie Apocalypse [IC]

Kelsey's demeanor instantly changed as though she finally realized she was at a funeral.

"That's right...ugh, I'm all hat and no cattle this morning. I left Conroe last night and drove straight on through. I can't help but feel guilty that I didn't make it here sooner."

Kelsey sniffled and cleared rapidly forming tears from her eyes.

"I suppose bein' in Miami you were here before the rest of us, huh?"
"Yeah. I know how you feel. I headed up when she was admitted to the hospital. Unfortunately, these things can move fast, especially in older patients and there was nothing to be done by the time I got here." Kai held her hand. Human contact helps in times like these. Kelsey had some healthy lungs and did everything loud, including crying.

Sam approaches Kai and Kelsey. “Hello Kai, Kelsey. It is good to see you both, just under the most unfortunate circumstances. It is amazing to see all the lives that are here to celebrate Helen. How is the coffee, Kai?”
"Sam, it's great to see you, too." Kai let go of Kelsey's hand and hugged Sam. "I think the coffee is how they get repeat customers. Lucky for me, I have built up a tolerance to bad coffee working as an M.E.
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