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The Formula

Imagine a world very like our own. Super powers, magic, psionics, and aliens are all things of fiction. Into this world comes: The Formula.

The Formula is a retrovirus designed to alter human genetics and bestow Powers. The idea is that some super powers or psionics are feasible, such as super strength (Wonder Woman), telekinesis (Jean Grey), mind reading (Prof X), teleportation (Nightcrawler), and so forth. Blatant violations of the laws of physics, such as super speed (Flash), mutating oneself into a human rock (Ben Grimm) or steel (Colossus) or giant (Hulk), or lasers from your eyes (Superman) are right out, but there is a lot of room for semi-realistic super powers.

The players are test subjects who volunteered for an experiment, but didn't know it was anything like this! When they awaken, they find themselves in the middle of a riot. Seems some criminals were given super powers and are testing out their new abilities by looting, robbing, and fighting off the police. The players decide to help put down the rioters, but risk the police mistakenly shooting at them too. Some time after this riot is put down (and most of the super-criminals escape), the government hires/co-opts the group into helping them find out what happened, catch the criminals, and prevent the creator of this retrovirus from repeating.

This can last as long as you want, be serialized (villain of the day), or whatever you want. Our game lasted about a dozen sessions.
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