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Default Re: Private Game for Jericho Group - Zombie Apocalypse [IC]

I hate saturdays. I was incarcerated on a saturday. i was surrendered to the state by my birth parents on a saturday. Now i'm here at the funeral of the only person who ever gave a damn. i really hate saturdays.

Frank pulls up to the funeral home and gets out of a rental car that looks like it was held together with duct tape and shoelaces. He checks his pocket for an old beat up tracfone he got from clint. on the screen it reads VOICEMAIL FULL. "What the hell clint" frank grumbled as he put the phone on silent and makes his way to the door.

I should probably keep my head down. I'm not sure who knows i was in prison the last few years but either way i don't really want to talk about it.

As frank moves inside he tries to disappear in the crowd of people and make his way to a seat close to the front.
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