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Default Re: Private Game for Jericho Group - Zombie Apocalypse [IC]

I should have taken the earlier flight, maybe even came in yesterday. Then I wouldn’t be so tired from getting on a red-eye flight, driving in all that damn construction in Jacksonville and getting here in a rush. I hate rushing…I hate flying…I hate…every damn thing!

Sam puts the rental car in park and flips down the visor to check her appearance. After flipping the visor back up, she lays her head back on the headrest and closes her eyes…Deep breaths Sam, deep breaths…

Sam makes two fists, then opens her hands and wiggles her fingers…a nervous tick she does in the locker room before a fight. She glances over to the right and sees a water fountain and bench. A good place to escape to later. Why am I so damn nervous? I hate being nervous…I hate funerals…I hate…every damn thing!

Maybe this is a joke. Helen has always tried to get us all back together for the holidays. She faked her death and we all walk in. She will be standing there with her hands on her hips…always had her hands on the hips.

Walking through the doors of the funeral home, Sam glances around at all the people coming to pay their respects. The heaviness and agitation she was feeling moments before started to ease a little. All these lives, she touched. None as much as her and her siblings…catching up with them would be best part of these nightmarish events. When she heard that Helen was sick, she couldn’t bring herself to visit. Watching her grandmother deteriorate was something she never truly dealt with and she couldn’t face that again. When she called Helen to try and explain, Helen interrupted her with reassurance and understanding. Always reassuring; always understanding.

Taking a step up to the podium, Sam picked up the pen to sign the guest book, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Sam I Am. She looked over the names quickly…Kai. Of course he is here first. She didn’t get to find any more names before she heard a familiar, talking too loud for the occasion, voice…Kelsey. With an inward groan, but outward smile, Sam headed towards the voice…here we go.
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