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Default Re: Private Game for Jericho Group - Zombie Apocalypse [IC]

Most of these folks I never seen around the house growin up. I wonder who they all are? thought Kelsey as she smiled, shook hands, and gave hugs to all of those present to mourn Helen Allen...a woman Kelsey had called "momma" for the past 20 years. She hadn't in Florida since she left almost a decade ago...right after Kai's undergrad graduation and right before she received her acceptance letter from Texas A&M University.

Wait a that' Kai in the flesh? Kelsey cut a bee-line directly for the doctor who was in the middle of dressing a Styrofoam cup of funeral home coffee in an effort to make it palatable.

"FLY-DOCTOR KAI! How the hell are ya!" Kesley practically shouts as she gives the good doctor a huge bear hug from behind, nearly spilling his coffee.
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