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“When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.” -George Romero

7:49 AM EST, July 15th, 2017 - St. Augustine, Florida - Craig Funeral Home

Kai pulled into the parking lot of the Craig Funeral Home and Crematory. It was a nice looking place off the San Lorenzo Cemetery. They tried to make the place peaceful. He parked his car, a Toyota Highlander facing the memorial park. He had gotten the SUV due to its safety ratings and reliability combined with its slight ruggedness for when the job calls him out to the beach or marsh to release a body. He had arrived early for Helen’s funeral so that he could spend some time on the grounds. Headstones were arranged in rows, each marking a person who had passed. It was peaceful and a side of death that Kai did not often get to see in his profession. As one of seven medical examiners for Miami, he spent a lot of his time looking at people who had died violently; people that had been shot in a gang fight or had overdosed on drugs.The little markers showed no indication of how the person had left this world; no signs of how violent death can be. Nothing to show that this person passed quietly in the night or that person was killed because two inept burglars thought the house was empty and shot the residents when they were surprised. Here everyone was equal.
He couldn’t help but feel that he had failed Helen. If only he had come up to St. Augustine when he first heard Helen was sick, he could have done something. By the time she was in the hospital and he came up, it was already too late. She’d had flu like symptoms, which can rapidly turn serious for someone of her age. But he had selfishly put off making the five hour drive up so he could continue working. After all she had done, she certainly deserved better than he had given her.

Kai took a seat on a wooden bench next to a small fountain and closed his eyes, listening to the water as it flowed down the fountain and feeling guilty. He wondered if Ashley would be coming to the funeral. They had met while he was in college and had only been married for a few short years before it became clear that they were not looking for the same things. The divorce had been amicable, helped by the fact that he did not want any of her family’s substantial amount of money and that her father, Richard, still liked him and was still trying to get him to quit working for Miami and come work for the Carlyle Medical Group. Ashley wanted him to go into one of the high profile fields of medicine, like neurosurgery and was not happy with his decision to be a forensic pathology, a profession she thought was gross and kind of creepy. She had married again about two years ago to a cardio-thoracic surgeon in Ft. Lauderdale. Kai thought his name was Robert Cord, Dr. Bob.

As for himself, Kai hadn’t really had a lot of time for socializing. After the divorce, he really threw himself into his work, picking up extra shifts when he could… And working with corpses turned out to be a turn off for most women. It kept his social circle small, mostly coworkers and associates. There were occasional dates, but nothing that ever went anywhere. Well, the circle was now one person smaller than it had been. With a sigh, Kai got back up, it was about time to head inside and get things ready for the rest of the family.
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