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Default Cardboard Heroes Castles: The Keep

With some capital
Even a hero's castle
Can be "leveled up"
Sangi, Master Architect
Since this week's release is so closely tied to a previous one, I'm going to break tradition by beginning this announcement with that announcement:

While any gaming group can envision a combat entirely in their heads, there's nothing quite like a big fight with miniatures moving around a hex-grid battle map. Tactically, it's easier to see what's happening and avoid having to guess at distances and area effects, but it's also just fun to move our characters around the battlefield, watching them cut a swath through the enemy to obtain our goal! Of course, detailed figures on a professional map preserve the immersion far better than dice or poker chips on a plain one, which is why we've made such things affordable via our Cardboard Heroes line of printable minis and maps.

But if you're ready to go a step beyond mere maps, and into the realm of full 3-D printed structures, Cardboard Heroes Castles: Walls and Towers may be right up your alley. Print as many as you need; each set gives you enough to build two small castles, one normal one, or half of a huge one -- or you can use them to create a long wall, perhaps to demarcate a border. And if you use thick cardstock, the resultant towers are strong enough to hold anything you might reasonably put on them in game.

Let me be clear, though: Unlike our other Cardboard Heroes sets, this one involves actual work. The pages are oversized at 17.5" x 23.5" (requiring an oversized printer or a willingness to print some parts piecemeal and reattach them before assembly) and you'll need scissors and glue. I strongly recommend you read through the instructions in the preview PDF before doing anything. If they look manageable to you, then sally forth and use Cardboard Heroes Castles: Walls and Towers to build the ultimate castle!
But we didn't just create one set of professional 3D kits, and now you can exercise your alternatives or bolster your Walls and Towers with Cardboard Heroes Castles: The Keep. Where our first set focused on linear footage, The Keep is a single, compact castle with an assortment of high towers and low walls. Use it on its own for anything from an abandoned keep to the King's palace, or combine the two sets for an impressive battle "map" like this one!

Whether combined with Walls and Towers or used on its own, Cardboard Heroes Castles: The Keep will literally add new dimensions to your campaigns.

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Preview PDF:
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