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Default Re: GURPS Martial Arts, Powers, Rogues, Warriors now available as print-on-demand

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
I don't understand, what does gaining "Classic" designation do? Is it a term for any 3e things still in print?
It's a term they've been using for a while now to denote any 3e product that was newly available as a PDF. With only a couple exceptions (such as the 3rd Edition Basic Set Revised, and the Transhuman Space and WWII Powered by GURPS books) all of the GURPS 3e books available as PDF on Warehouse 23 are designated as "GURPS Classic." I believe it was originally used to make it clear that a newly available PDF was a new scan of an old 3e book and not a new release of a new book for 4e, but now it basically just means a 3e book.
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