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Default Re: Some help with Timewatch's Free RPG day Font of Knowledge

Fair enough. But I hate an info dump scene with no tension or conflict. I'll ponder. It just feels flat. I'll be using the pre-gens -- if I can get my players interested in it, then maybe we can do characters and try Behind Enemy Times.

So...assume you are a hyperintelligent AI that's being hunted by timetravellers. You have pre-stashed a robot body and a time machine somewhere on earth sometime within 75 years of 1994 in hopes of hiding a kernel of yourself from Timewatch's scrutiny -- what's a clever place to hide your safehouse? Computer makers, robotics factories, all too obvious. Toy maker? Internet of Things that Go Bump in the Night? Couple of my PCs are computer guys (more so than I) so I'm trying to think of something clever as an interesting challenge to infiltrate and then fight.
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