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Default Re: "Usable once only" cards in combat

Originally Posted by GSGS View Post
I would like to know if all "usable once only" cards are playable in combat? (when the card itself does not specify. )

We have run into a situation playing Munchkin Fu, where a player tried to play "Monkey Spirit Guide" in combat to take "Spirit mirror" from the discard pile. Since "Monkey Spirit Guide" does not say "can be used in combat" nor "cannot be used in combat", we would like to know ifr this move is allowed?
It's allowed, though it would have to be the on the player's turn. The card doesn't offer any restriction, so it can be played pretty much at any time on the player's turn, whether in combat or out of combat, but not as an interrupt to someone else's action.

And since "spirit mirror" says "usable once only", is the player allowed to take it back from the discard pile with "monkey spirit guide"?
It took me a while to understand why this could even be considered an issue. One-shot Items are to be used and discarded, but that doesn't mean that the Item couldn't be used again should a player find a way to get hold of it after it has been played (e.g., the Item is legally retrieved from the discard pile; the discard pile was re-shuffled to re-create the deck once completely used up). If you weren't ever allowed to use a one-shot Item again in that iteration of playing the game, then there would be very specifically stated rules about such, and those rules would probably say to discard the cards into the box or shred them (really single use!), not to put them in the discard pile.
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