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Default Re: Introducing: Munchkin Spell Skool

Originally Posted by orcbgone View Post
What is the exclusive stuff in Zombiesat Walgreens?

I can't find any info anywhere, and my Walgreens carries ZERO Munchkin.
Yeah, to my knowledge, "they" have never said what was exclusive to the Zombies or Legends releases. My guess is that they contain bookmarks. To my knowledge, no one on the forums has said what was exclusive, or confirmed seeing one in the wild (aside from a poster above who saw a Zombies set).

It was a pretty quiet release (I happened to see a picture on Phil's twitter page), and the 9 Walgreens in my area never carried either set (trust me, I've been to all 9, several times to find the Zombies and/or Legends; and bought all of the Grimm Tidings sets from my closest store to see if they would stock them; and had my parents check 6 stores in a different state for my birthday lol).
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