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Sadly, I have yet to find the adventure in .pdf, tho the pre-gen PCs are up on one website.

As written, the game ends on an anticlimax -- stop an 11 yo girl from plugging in a computer and allowing BREEN to download itself into a previously prepared nano-bot robot, which it then sends back in time.

So letís make this more interesting. Right now, there's no good reason for BREEN to try to destroy the world using Comic Sans besides it being funny.

So, the PCs had fought BREEN (the AI) in 1994 (the year Comic Sans was created) prior to the briefing scene (a flashback) instead of in 2061. A kernel of BREEN escaped into the internet, finding refuge in Vincent Connareís MacIntosh. The BREEN kernel crashed the computerís primitive architecture, so Connare set it aside and eventually gave it to Microsoft as part of the history of Comic Sans. BREEN lies dormant in Microsoftís vaults until 2044 or 2075, when the computer is activated as part of a MicroApplezoni-baba anniversary celebration. It escapes as described into a BREEN safehouse containing a prepared nanobot body and a one-shot time machine.

The PCs get enough information to locate the safehouse, so they can try to get there in time to keep BREEN from re-assembling. (And they have to time it to get the BREEN kernel after it downloads into the bot. If they don't get it by surprise, having cut off its escape routes, it'll escape (again), replicate elsewhere, and try the same stunt.

This gives an infiltration scene, a combat scene with the BREEN bot, and possibly a one-shot improvised time machine to complicate things.

Possible Clues-- the bot body they find in 900 is modeled on a commercial bot common in late 21st century Japan.
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