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Default Re: Need help with some stuff with Ritual/Path magic.

Originally Posted by Ghostdancer View Post
Yeah, it's natural if you can call it down during a cloudy sky - not so much if you through it from your hand. Everything must be paid for for attacks - so you have to add enhancements.
My appologies. In my haste to type before work, I seemed to have mis - phrased my statement.

For the lightning bolt, I didn't out surge in because I didn't feel the need to put an effect in that I didn't want. And arching, I don't know what book it's from off the top of my head.

but the lesser effect was for destroy energy for the"defensive" spell to slow down an attack.

in the book when it's talking about destroy energy, it says that if something could be stipend naturally, the example it uses is for a fire running out of fuel, it's a lesser effect. But stopping the sun from shining can't be done with a lesser because it's unnatural for the sun to just stop shining.

I would see a sword swinging as a lesser effect. It's not normally in motion. And it will end it's motion if no additional force is applied. Much like the campfire example.

that is what I was confused over.

as for the asking about the greater effect, I was referring to the application of the incindiary modifier and how that would look when written out.
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