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Default Re: Need help with some stuff with Ritual/Path magic.

Originally Posted by Ghostdancer View Post
Hmmm. How? Should be something like Greater Create Energy (6) + Damage, 3d External Burning (Side Effect, Stunning, +60%; Surge, Arcing, +100%) [32]. 38x3. 114 energy

This is a Greater effect for sure. I just wrote up a spell to do something like this recently but I can't remember who I did it for. It was in an email I remember that for sure. I'll look and see if I can find it. It's not that cheap though.

Add Incendiary. If you want to add multiple Incendiary levels just add Cosmic. That's covered in GURPS Power-Ups 4.

I didn't put surge and arching is why it wasn't triple didgits.

that's what I thought as well. But the book said anything that could naturally stop was a lesser effect. So I didn't know. It felt like it needed to be more expensive.

Ahh. That makes sense. Would that be a greater energy effect? Or what?
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