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Default Re: Need help with some stuff with Ritual/Path magic.

Originally Posted by Jaware View Post
I was trying to make a lightning bolt spell with a stunning secondary with the turns metal Dr into Dr 1. But the closest I got to cost like 51 energy for 3rd damage. Does that sound ok?
Hmmm. How? Should be something like Greater Create Energy (6) + Damage, 3d External Burning (Side Effect, Stunning, +60%; Surge, Arcing, +100%) [32]. 38x3. 114 energy

Originally Posted by Jaware View Post
I was also trying to make a defensive blocking spell. One that took the kinetic energy out of hits. And i either got 6 energy, or 18 energy. Which makes more sense? Grreater or lesser efect? A sword or arrow both can come to rest naturally. But I don't know. Seems cheap for the effect.
This is a Greater effect for sure. I just wrote up a spell to do something like this recently but I can't remember who I did it for. It was in an email I remember that for sure. I'll look and see if I can find it. It's not that cheap though.

Originally Posted by Jaware View Post
and lastly I was trying to make a signature fire attack.

mostly one that delt damage, was an "essential lifebane" fire. Cause in fire that can't be easily put out and spread over a target making more lifebane fire. However. It wouldn't burn anything other than the person hit with the missile spell. It was long and complicated which made sense. I came to some 110energy or so. But I want another effect. But I don't know where to start. I want to treat things as though they were one flammability class higher. How would I model that? Any ideas?
Add Incendiary. If you want to add multiple Incendiary levels just add Cosmic. That's covered in GURPS Power-Ups 4.
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