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Default Re: Pyramid #3/104: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Originally Posted by Rasputin View Post
It confirms that Christopher's experience is quite different from mine, and frankly, I think the very title "The Sandbox Is a Lie" has no place in an issue of Pyramid. It's telling a segment of the community that we're having badwrongfun. I think SMarsh should go back and edit this title out of Pyramid and reissue it as a correction; I'm actually insulted. (And that's tough to do.
I actually had similar but less severe reaction at the title but it is a point of view and he quickly explains what he means. And it is a valid point
I run sandbox games more than any other and the truth is I often have to prod a little during a campaign and conflicting motivations from various players can create more of a railroady effect even if its not coming from the GM.
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