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Default Re: Pyramid #3/104: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Trapped in the Living Tomb Deathtest is back!
Seriously a nice solo adventure to help people learn the game and have fun. I like the layout and writing of this article. I would like to see more as standalone adventures.
It's a Quest is a surprising read. Chris spends the first bit on a discussion of Sandbox vs. Railroads and gives not only a good explanation but help towards running either. It codifies what I already knew from experience but benefits from laying it out plain and simple. It even prompted a blog post
Then goes into a bit on Quests and ends with lots of tables. I think the first two sections were the best but will come back to the quest portion for a more careful read later.
Eidetic Memory: Heroic Background Generator: Looks pretty complete and diverse. What I really want are some good name generators though.
State of the Dungeon Nice read on whats happening and don't forget the forward which had another bit of news.
Random Thought Table works well with It's a Quest and the Eidetic Memory article and gives advice for the player on making their character come alive.
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