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Default Re: Radioactive Blogging: Putting thoughts on a GURPS world to bytes

Originally Posted by awarnock View Post
As for the number of Alien species, you're right and honestly, I think that trying to run this as my first GURPS game is asking for trouble. I'll still be working on it, but I think I might want to start running some short adventures that can be over in a session or two to get the feel for GMing it first.
Sounds good. A TL 8 setting would be a good choice for your first few adventures. Modern Day settings work well because everyone is familiar with the available technology. If you set it on our Earth, then your players will be familiar with the setting without a lot of exposition.

A Low Tech (TLs 0-4) setting would also work. If your players are coming from a D20 background, they should be familiar with the technology. Skill bloat is also less of a problem because very few skills require specializations in Low Tech Settings. Unfortunately, injuries can easily become a problem before germ theory is invented. Either introduce healing magic into the setting, make them advanced in medicine, or use the optional rules to reduce the deadliness of infections.
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