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Default Re: Radioactive Blogging: Putting thoughts on a GURPS world to bytes

@Humabout: I'm planning on doing a post about the FTL drive and the specifics behind it as well as those of hyperspace. No hyperbeings though. Those don't fit with what I'm going for.

I'll have to think about two and three, and honestly, I'm not sure whether to hit that next or go with my original plan of figuring out what kinds of stories I'm going to be telling. (Which is involving me rewatching Firefly.) Thank you for raising them though.

@Emerald Cat: Thank you for pointing me to the Psi-Wars posts! I've been reading them when I can. I see that we're approaching things differently, but I'm getting a better idea of how to put this together now.

I'm planning on elaborating the FTL. I just wanted to nail down an impression if you will.

As for the number of Alien species, you're right and honestly, I think that trying to run this as my first GURPS game is asking for trouble. I'll still be working on it, but I think I might want to start running some short adventures that can be over in a session or two to get the feel for GMing it first.
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