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Default Re: Radioactive Blogging: Putting thoughts on a GURPS world to bytes

Originally Posted by awarnock View Post
One thing that I have noticed is that this is turning into much more of a beast than I had planned. I'm thinking that instead of diving straight into trying to run it, I get some experience with something with less moving parts. Probably some short adventures that may or may not have a loose connection.
First off, I'd strongly recommend reading Mailanka's PSI-Wars. Mailanka goes through the process of creating his own unique Star Wars inspired setting. Since you are working on a sci-fi setting, many of the same considerations will apply to your setting.

Most of your setting material looks solid.

You will need to elaborate on the FTL mechanics at a later date. Unfortunately, that isn't the kind of thing players like to hand wave. The way I'd handle this is to use the ship's FTL rating as its effective cruising velocity. And then use the vehicular "Red Lining" rules from the Basic Set to represent pushing the FTL drive to its limits.

I'm also concerned that you will overwhelm your players with choices. 10+ sapient races seems like too many to me. I'd personally use 6 to 7 races to make it more accessible for the player and to keep the races distinct.

Genetic engineering, cybernetics, and biomods will cause similar issues if you let players build these themselves. I'd recommend writing lenses for the commonly available modifications.

Otherwise, I think this is a good starting point for your setting.
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