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Default Re: Radioactive Blogging: Putting thoughts on a GURPS world to bytes

Thank you. :)

I'll be thinking about a lot of the points that you raised but I can answer two of them.

Tackling the stardrive question first, ships can't dump heat while FTL. This means that internal heat capacitance is the major limiting factor. It also takes time to cycle the drive, though you can rush it, but that can cause bad things to happen. Most ships aren't going to be able to go more than 5 to 10 parsecs without stopping to cool off, and even a high-speed courier wouldn't be able to manage more than 15 parsecs before it had to stop to cool off. At any rate, the setting is more of a firm springiness than hard, so some of these are going to be handwaved away for plot convenience.

As far as history goes, it's not that deep. Most of those are point I may have to think on, but then again, see the firm springiness of the setting referenced above. I'm not trying to make the most plausible setting, just one where things are interesting and where there are several moving parts. I wasn't planning on having precursors, but I might wind up changing my mind considering I love the cutscene of the Keeper from Homeworld 2 and would love to pull that on my players.
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