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Default Re: New Technique of the Week: an ongoing thread

Autopsy (Surgery). Hard, default Surgery, cannot exceed Surgery+4. This allows you to buy up skill in the dissection part of an autopsy, which is fairly standardised.

Finding evidence or clues during an autopsy usually requires rolls against Diagnosis, Forensics, or Physiology, but Biology (Entomology or Microbiology) is sometimes needed. Toxicology is Biology (Biochemistry) or Chemistry (Analytical). The Autopsy technique is a complementary skill to all of these rolls.

It's Hard because you only get one try at dismantling a corpse; a "second autopsy" involves another pathologist making new Diagnosis (etc.) rolls, at -1 if the corpse has been frozen or -2 if it has been embalmed (which also gives -3 or worse to further toxicology tests).

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