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Default Re: Need help with some stuff with Ritual/Path magic.

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
250 works adequately, but it's tight and he isn't anywhere as broadly skilled outside of Ritual Magic.

I ran a bit of a 250 point fantasy game with RPM and Powers as Magic, and they felt solid next to each other... with PaM feeling a little under powered, so the PaM character was beefed up a bit after a few sessions (Three characters, one RPM only, one PaM only, one a mix of RPM and PaM. The pure PaM character ended up over 300 points).
I'm running a Cabal game where Outer Circle members tick in at about 200 points. It means if you want to really get any powerful effects, you need to really stack the Decanic modifiers... which works quite well for the kind of magic Cabal is supposed to have. (Middle and Inner Circle mages, of course, have a bit more oomph.)
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