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Default Re: Need help with some stuff with Ritual/Path magic.

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
(Also helps to remember that MH was designed as a 400-point game. An RPM mage might not scale down to 250 or 150 or 100 points and still seem like a kick-ass generalist. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing; just depends on your game.)
250 works adequately, but it's tight and he isn't anywhere as broadly skilled outside of Ritual Magic.

I ran a bit of a 250 point fantasy game with RPM and Powers as Magic, and they felt solid next to each other... with PaM feeling a little under powered, so the PaM character was beefed up a bit after a few sessions (Three characters, one RPM only, one PaM only, one a mix of RPM and PaM. The pure PaM character ended up over 300 points).
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