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Default Re: Need help with some stuff with Ritual/Path magic.

Alight friends. I went and bought the book. I've read it pretty much over to cover and I love it.

I only have two questions.

My concern is is there a way to make the recipient of the spell resist at a lower number? Perhaps by paying more energy into the spell? I'm not quite sure if I skipped it, but I don't think I did. Any thoughts?

My next question, is how does one raise their effective path skill with the limit above 12? I know Margery and such raises it. But how does one cast at say a 14 or a 15 without investing 100+cp into the various base skill+Margery?

For example, it'd be nice to be able to make mana batteries, and charms, and elixirs at a decent skill level along with combat fireballs at a 15 etc.
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