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Default Re: [GURPS resources] T Bone's Games Diner updates & announcements

GURPS LITE: Overdue for decennial maintenance?

Ah, 2004. Our century was but a toddler. "Paris Hilton", "Kazaa", and "wardrobe malfunction" were big search terms on Google, an Internet brand still behind red-hot AOL and Yahoo. A crazy idea called Facebook made its appearance in Harvard dorms, even as MySpace rose to online dominance. The true social, however, was happening over in the EU, which welcomed a host of former Eastern Bloc nations into its arms.

Steve Jackson Games, meanwhile, issued the version of GURPS LITE that still serves players today.

Wait – that was 13 years ago! Doesn't this book need an update!?

No. As of 2017, LITE works great! There's nothing broken to fix.

But could the book use a little once-a-decade dusting and polishing? I think so. I've jotted a few suggestions for modest tweaks and additions (as well as ideas for removing stuff to save space).

How about you? Do you think LITE could use a refresh as the 2020s (and Tech Level 9??) approach?

Link: Books we want: An updated GURPS LITE
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