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Default Re: Need help with some stuff with Ritual/Path magic.

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Like for instance, a group heal for anyone within say 3 yards for say 2d HP. What modifiers would you use. Would you use the one referring to weight?
Things may have changed a bit since MH1 (Ritual Path Magic - RPM - now has its own book that, as I understand it, goes into more depth than the original system as presented in MH1 - I have the RPM book, but nothing from the MH line), but in this case:

Lesser* Restore Body (4) + Healing, 2d (4) + Area Effect, 3 yard radius (3) + Subject Weight, 300 lb (3). Total energy is 14.

For Subject Weight, this is needed any time you are directly affecting someone's body or a physical object, but not otherwise. With Area Effect, you only need to pay for the Subject Weight of the heaviest target - the above spell will affect anyone within 3 yards that weighs 300 lb or less. If you don't want to heal enemies in the area, you'll need to pay extra energy to make an exception.

A thread that may help you is here, where people post worked-out RPM rituals for help/discussion. That should give you a good idea on how RPM rituals are designed, and how they work.

*Lesser/Greater is determined based on how much HP is restored, and 2d falls under the threshold at TL8. Personally, as an area effect is much more world-bending than a single target - the latter is basically just ultra-quick First Aid - I'd increase this to Greater, but that's a decision for the GM. If you agree that this should be Greater, the above spell instead costs 42 energy, due to the x3 multiplier for having a single Greater Effect.
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