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Default Need help with some stuff with Ritual/Path magic.

As the title suggests, I'd like some help with the Ritual/Path magic. Namely the one in monster hunters 1.

I like the way this system works. I think. But there are some things that I don't quite understand...

For example. Say the regular magic spell, pain. It's resisted by an HT roll.

How is this done in Ritual/Path? I don't remember seeing anything in there anywhere...

Also how does the modifiers work? Do you use all applicable modifiers? Or do you only use the ones that you want to use? I am confused.

I would also like some examples. Preferably starting simple, and working to more complicated that way I can try and reverse engineer how it works.

Like for instance, a group heal for anyone within say 3 yards for say 2d HP. What modifiers would you use. Would you use the one referring to weight?

I don't understand at all even where to begin.
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