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Default Re: Monster needed: feral zombie children

Here's something you should be able to adapt. You probably want to tone down ST and IQ some, and take a look at some of the traits; these little bastards are really hard to put down. (Scuse formatting, it's a copypaste from another doc.)
(EDIT: These are a different kind of possessed monster from another game I ran.)
ST: 15
IQ: 8
HT: 11
SM -1; HP+3
Per+2 .
Speed: 6
1d+1, 2d+1
Bite: 1d cut
Claw: 1d cut
Knife: 2d-2 cut/1d imp
Spear: 1d+2 imp/1d+3imp range 22/38
Advantages: Absolute Direction, Acute Taste and Smell
2, Claws (Sharp ), Flexibility, High Pain Threshold, Night
Vision 5,Recovery ,Resistant to Poison (+8)
,Silence 2, Teeth (Sharp), Temperature Toler-
ance (Cold) 1,DR (Tough Skin) +1 , Malign Cunning 4 ,
Appearance (Unattractive),Innumerate,Odious Racial Habit (Tortures people to death),Paranoia
, Sadism (12) , Intolerance (Everything that lives), Bloodlust (6-) , Sadism (6-)
Racial Skills: Gesture (E) IQ+4 [12]-12. Brawling-14, Knife-14, Stealth- 18, Tactics-12; Tracking- 14, Traps/ TL5 14/17, Wrestling-14, Guns-13, Spear-14
Racial Talent:
Malign Cunning: adds to Stealth, Forced Entry, Farming*, Traps*, Tactics, Tracking,
* only for destructive/evasive purposes
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