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Default Re: Monster needed: feral zombie children

No, but what do you want them to be like? Extremely difficult to kill but vulnerable to certain attacks? Or can be knocked out as easily as a child? Normal vulnerability to pain/stun or immune? Feral rage? Any special attacks? Can the spirit be dispelled and if so, how? Do they attack humans on sight or do they hunt like a pack of wolves? Are they stronger than normal children?

Based on what you said, low ST (child) and IQ (non sapient), probably Wild Animal and some other mental Disadvantages are extremely likely.

I mean you could just go with ST: 8, IQ: 4, Wild Animal, attacks at DX, all other stats as human, add Bad Temper, Bloodlust, Intolerance: non-Possessed and Odious Personal Habit: Cannibalism. Give them knives (Small Knife, Poor Quality) and clubs (Light Club). So they will behave like smart animals but also tend to angrily attack, kill and eat humans. That's without unusual abilities related to the possession and also no way to remove the possession.

Really though 'possessed child' isn't an objective stat block, it's much more important to know what look and feel you want from them.

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