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Default Re: Has Anyone Done a GURPS Mage The Ascension Workup For GURPS 4e

Originally Posted by dataweaver View Post
Which Attribute did you base it on? That strikes me as the most problematic aspect of that approach. Conceptually, Will would be the best choice, since MtA makes a big deal of the centrality of willpower in Sphere Magic; but Will is far too cheap to serve as the attribute base of a Wildcard Skill. I hesitate to use IQ, mainly because the original material does not assume that you have to be smart to be good at magic. My inclination would be to give it a fixed base (i.e., 10); but at that point, why call it a Wildcard Skill anymore?
You can go with lower of Will and Perception - you need to be able to sense the magic (Per) as well as beat it into submission (Will). Or use different attributes for different tasks - Perception for sensing and divination, Will for control, IQ for analyzing...
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