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Default Re: Has Anyone Done a GURPS Mage The Ascension Workup For GURPS 4e

Originally Posted by dataweaver View Post
I know. Let me clarify: my goal in this thread is to get as close to Mage: the Ascension as 4e's rules will allow. Thus if I'm given a choice between Reactive Reality (which was cribbed from GMtA3e) and Threshold Magic, I'm inclined to go with the former no matter how much I like the latter.
In that case I would use the Margin-Of-Success mechanic from pp. T180-183 to give a penalty to the casting instead of an energy cost. And I would waive the base energy cost, since you get Reactive Reality as well.

If you go with Threshold-limited mana, I would double or triple the the cost for "vulgar" magic and maybe halve it for magic that is very easy to explain in a mundane way.
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