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Default Re: Research help for Pulp Adventure

Hi Lisa,
The works by and about William Stephenson (aka Intrepid) provide some insight, Stephenson reported to Churchill about German military expenditures and rearmament efforts. See books incl. A Man Called Intrepid, The True Intrepid, Camp X, Heroes Rogues and Spies, The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl.
Later on Stephenson was involved efforts against German Heavy Water research (heavy water for atomic bomb development), which is an adventure hook for any hero worthy of the title.
The rearmament program is generally taught now as having been one of three parts of an economic policy; rearmament, repudiating Germany’s foreign debts and saving German agriculture. Edward Bennett, and more recently Richard Evans, have written a great deal on this, and are probably still recommended reading in universities.
Ben MacIntyre has written historical accounts about WWII espionage, you might look up his work.
Then there is the occult / weird science efforts, of which I don't know much beyond "Raiders of the Lost Ark", but I recall reading a news article suggesting that Goring oversaw a project to "bring back" (clone I guess?) aurochs and possibly other prehistoric animals.
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